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Pack of 10 Baby Shower favour boxes in either pink, blue or yellow. A lovely way to present favours to guests or for little prizes! Laser cut pram on the white lid of the box, which slides onto the blue bottom of the box, finished with ribbon. Readily assembled with ribbons attached to make your life as easy as possible.

Pack Of 10 Laser Cut Pram Square Baby Shower Favour Box 6.5 cm

  • 10 Boxes in a colour of your choice.

    W 65 mm x H 65 mm X D 65 mm

    Boxes are readily assembled with the ribbons attached to make your hosting job much easier! Ribbons will be left untied so that you can place your desired contents inside your boxes and then tie them up!

    Laser cutting is a process by which the material is effectively burnt to cut the item out / engrave, therefore, it may occasionally leave a slight burn mark. It is rarely noticable as this is part of the character of laser cut items, however, I like to make you aware that some burn marks may be noticable from time to time.

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